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Posted: 16th February
By: rlf

60 seconds with…Dorothy Robertson

Dorothy Robertson is Office Managing Partner of the Glasgow Office and Member of the Executive Board

What do you enjoy about your job?

There are so many different aspects of my job that I guess it is the variety.  Project work one day, business strategy the next.  I have also met many interesting people over the years, some unforgettable…!! However, the one single thing that I always get a massive sense of pride and reward from is being involved in a project through from feasibility to completion and seeing it come to life.

What is the perception of Quantity Surveyors in the industry?

I think, to be honest, we have been our own worst enemies and have lost our identity a bit.  Are we Cost Managers, Quantity Surveyors or Commercial Managers to name but a few?  It is a debate that goes on. The cutthroat fees we often see consultancies bidding on devalues our profession.  So, we and the RICS need to look at ourselves and ask the question “if you asked someone to look after £1m, £5m, £10m, or £50m plus of your money, what perception should you have of them and how important are they to you?”.  When you look at it this way, why are we underselling ourselves?  Accountants and Lawyers have managed to maintain their professional value so why not Quantity Surveyors?

What challenges/changes do you see for the industry/job over the next few years?

Given the recent press around the construction industry, there are many challenges we face and probably too many to go into just now. The skills shortage is potentially massive and we are seeing the effects of that now.  Perhaps, however, in line with one of RLF’s values, it is to be Ever Evolving and always looking for ways to improve.

Career plan B would be?

Hotel Inspector –  those who know me will know my exacting standards!

Favourite Quote?  

“Life is what happens to us while we are busy making other plans”.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?  

Over the years I have been footballer’s mum, skier’s mum, golfer’s mum and currently basketball player’s mum.  In between, I try to get to the gym twice a week and the usual running around after a family.

Favourite holiday destination?

I don’t think I have a favourite one as still many places to see.  I do recommend, to anyone who gets the chance, to go to a place called Anna Maria Island , Gulf Coast Florida.  Go to the Sandbar Restaurant at the northern point and watch the sunset. Truly stunning.

Favourite building or Architect?

Most definitely the Chrysler Building, New York.