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Posted: 8th October
By: rlf

Claire Hoy

Job Title: National Marketing Assistant 

Office Location: London

What do you enjoy most about working at RLF?

The London culture and supportive co-workers. I am so privileged to work in such a fantastic city, with projects RLF is working on all around me. On top of this, the people make my job easier as everyone is so friendly and forward-thinking, and it is wonderful to watch the business grow because of this.

Biggest achievement at RLF?

I would have to say taking on such a diverse marketing role has been something I am proud of. My role is very digital based and we don’t use agencies, so we produce all graphics, design and videography in-house. On top of this, we service each RLF office with their marketing requirements! I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of juggling several projects daily…. no two days are the same!

Tell us about your favourite RLF project that you are currently working on or have worked on?

Currently, One Crown Place is at forefront of my mind as I walk past the development morning and evening on my commute in and out of work. Production started a little after I joined RLF, and it has been exciting watching it grow and grow. I’m looking forward to its completion in 2021.

Favourite building or piece of architecture?

The House of Commons, Westminster. The history the building possesses is fascinating, so many great things have happened there. Its architecture and variety of ornate decor is what makes it so stunning. My love for this building developed after doing some work experience there, which I will never forget.