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Posted: 24th October
By: rlf

The Construction App Boom and Its Impact on Worksites

For contractors, builders, and other construction professionals, the most effective app available on smartphones used to be the flashlight – a handy device for inspecting under-lit parts of a foundation or structure.

However, construction – just like every other industry, is making its way into the future with a collection of new technology innovations. Today’s boom in construction apps is offering a brand new way to introduce productivity into the field.

With a sturdy and rugged smartphone, construction professionals can share documents, collaborate with other professionals, estimate material costs, and even tap into safety training with nothing but a couple of clicks.

As a result, the industry is becoming increasingly smartphone savvy, with surveys finding over a third of construction firms using more than five apps in 2014.

Following are some of the app options that are changing the worksite as we know it today.

Staying Safe

Construction professionals looking to stay updated with the latest OSHA Safety Meetings can download the Safety Meeting App – a solution which covers the 34 trade types defined by Occupational Safety and Health Administration laws. Apps like this one offer a useful way to track and record safety meetings, accidents, incidents, and employee attendance in an instant.

Organisation Tools

Construction workers are often tasked with the responsibility of juggling multiple tasks every day. Because of this, a Construction Manager app can deliver a useful suite of fantastic capabilities, allowing users to edit, manage, save, and share documents – including daily reports and maintenance logs, time sheets, and project estimates.

Work Essentials

For construction workers who find themselves needing a tool that they’ve left at the office, iHandy Carpenter could be the perfect solution. This easy app comes with:

  • A plumb bob function to verify the verticality of walls or lines
  • A ruler that allows you to swipe to measure objects longer than the phone itself
  • A bubble level bar
  • A protractor for measuring angles
  • A surface level

Collaboration Across the Field

Finally, for construction workers – it can be tough to find ways for team members to collaborate while managing a project. Fortunately, collaboration apps like PlanGrid can allow architects and contractors common access to project plans, photos, and specs.

Users can simply upload PDF files to and sync them with connected devices within a matter of moments. There are even similar apps that allow users to load up and analyse 3D images and presentation for the purpose of architectural design.