Mitigating risk in TIMES OF UNCERTAINTY


COVID-19 Recovery HUB
Supporting you through the pandemic.

Welcome to our Covid-19 Recovery Hub. We have pulled together the key ways we can help you mitigate your construction and property related risks and manage the very real threat of programme delays, financial distress and insolvencies linked to this pandemic.

UK Construction has, to some extent, had an initial buffer from the Covid-19 pandemic, but not many of us in the industry who have been through previous recessions have been lulled into a false sense of security. Many sites in England have managed to remain open through lockdown, but productivity levels in most have been hampered by social distancing requirements and materials shortages.

As lockdown rules begin to ease and we move towards the recovery phase, the full ramifications of Covid-19 will start to impact companies, Contractors, and supply chains. There will be disruption, disputes, and financial distress for sure. There will also be opportunities for those in the sector with the strongest balance sheets, and for those who aren’t going to wait around to see what unfolds and get on the front foot.

Mitigating risk

We expect to be measured on the successful outcomes we help you achieve and have thought carefully about how we can best equip you to mitigate risk, make informed decisions and act quickly. Like you, we are hoping for the best and planning for the worst and we appreciate the current challenges are significant:

  • The safety of employees and site operatives is paramount, meaning that Health and Safety requirements on site will be far more critical and complex than under normal circumstances
  • Continually working under these pandemic-related constraints is likely to result in delays, disruption and prolongation costs which will lead to contractual conflict between Contractors and Employers
  • As with all previous recessions, there will be those who benefit and, unfortunately, the casualties, who most typically will run out of cash. In the coming months (and possibly years), we expect to see more Employers, Contractors, and supply chains getting into financial difficulties and in some cases resulting in insolvency.

In response, we have set up dedicated support services and resources across the key areas of Covid-19 Health and Safety Support, Legal Hub and Project Rescue and Recovery.

Irrespective of the status of your project, RLF Partners will be there throughout to help you mitigate risk.

Thank you and best wishes,

David Thomson
Managing Partner, Robinson Low Francis
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