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Posted: 15th April
By: rlf

Emma Rossiter

Job Title: Project Manager 

Office Location: Brighton 

What do you enjoy most about working at RLF?

First and foremost the people who work at RLF are fantastic, they are like an extended family; supportive, uplifting and fun to work with. I’m going through my APC currently and the mentoring from my Supervisor, Sean Clemons, and my Councillor Howard Price has been invaluable. I really enjoy working on a wide variety of projects and the level of responsibility and trust given to me. I find it highly motivating and feel it encourages people to take ownership and accountability.

Biggest achievement at RLF?

Taking on new projects in sectors I haven’t worked in before and getting really positive feedback from my clients. A particular client would like to work with RLF on their pipeline of new projects, based on the service I’ve provided on the Adur Civic Centre.

Tell us about your favourite RLF project that you are currently working on or have worked on?

It has to be the Adur Civic Centre. It’s an interesting design with it’s ‘shimmer cladded façade’ and the contractor has been a dream to work with!

Favourite building or piece of architecture?

My love of architecture is wide-ranging, I like most periods of architecture in the UK, from Tudor through to Art Deco. There are many lovely Regency buildings here in Brighton that boast generous dimensions and high ceilings, which feel like a luxury these days. I’m not a fan of the brutalist style, which I find bland. Neither am I a fan of the modern houses being built today, they’re too small! The Royal Albert Hall is my favourite famous building in the UK. In terms of modern architecture, I came across Herzog & de Meuron a few years ago, they design some pretty cool stuff, i.e. Terraces in Beirut. I also love all of Frank Gehry’s work. Lastly, Berlin is a great place to see the old mixed with the new, e.g. The dome added to the Reichstag.