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Posted: 26th May
By: rlf

Make the most of every property development

RLF are construction consultants who know how to effectively project manage any property development task. With a land shortage in the UK, the best property developments always maximise space. There are few better examples than two properties that recently went on the market.

Two ‘his and her’ homes built in the exclusive Sandbanks area have gone on sale. The price is a whopping £13milion for the pair, but the two beachfront properties are available individually.

It is thought that the developers spent more than £3million building the two homes, but that’s not really the point. What’s impressive is how the developers eked out every square inch of the plot. The two properties stand just a few feet apart from each other and share a 3,000 square metre area of land. The two houses are four storeys high. One has five en-suite bedrooms and the other one has four, but they both have indoor swimming pools and amazing sea views. They even have lifts.

These properties are obviously quite lavish but it nevertheless throws up an important issue. Development opportunities in the UK are getting rarer by the day – and especially in the Sandbanks area – so it’s good to see that someone has planned this development well and made the most of the space available.

Having addressed the important issues though, it’s nice to have some fun. It’s interesting to see how Sandbanks has developed into some kind of millionaire’s playground – it is, after all, the home of former Premier League boss Harry Redknapp. In the last 20 years, dozens of homes in Sandbanks have been built and sold at extortionate prices. The record price was set in 2013 when one property was sold for the equivalent of £1725 per square foot.

With the land shortage, it’s looking more and more likely that development companies will have to build on brownfield land. This is an issue that goes hand-in-hand with the UK’s housing crisis too, so it will be high on the agenda for the new Government.

It’s said that there’s enough brownfield land available for at least 1.5million new homes, but irrespective of the guestimates, one thing is for sure – the demand for property is far outstripping the rate at which brownfield land is being used. And that’s something that needs to be addressed.

Let’s just hope those who build on it make the most of the space.