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Posted: 23rd November
By: rlf

Rooftop science lab focuses on sustainable building

Students at Watford Grammar School for Girls will soon be able to study and conduct research in one of the most unusual science classrooms in the UK – one that revolves around sustainable building.

Wanting to create an extension to its existing facilities, the school explored various options, but opted for a SOLARDOME® PRO geodesic dome.

Geodesic domes are structures that look like half spheres. They are made up of a network of small triangle supports that give them structural integrity without the need for internal supports.

This efficiency allows the geodesic design to cover an extremely large span of space, while remaining remarkably strong and lightweight.

With its futuristic design, the aim of the installation at Watford Grammar School is to “bring science alive” and provide an inspirational space to nurture the school’s aspiring scientists.

Funded by The Wolfson Foundation, The Lawton Trust, The Women of Vision Trust and The Watford Grammar Schools Foundation, it will be a multi-research facility, used mainly by A-Level Science students.

The dome is an original installation for a school and sits on the roof of the science block.

The school chose UK Company Solardome to supply the dome as it was the only manufacturer that could design a habitable, temperature-controlled space. Fitted with two doorways and an electric air pump, the dome can be heated and cooled, making it usable all year round.

Sustainable building

One of the most successful and popular modern geodesic buildings is The Eden Project in Cornwall, It has become one of the top three charging attractions in the UK and is a testament to the enduring appeal of geodesic structures and an exemplar of sustainable building techniques.

The benefits of geodesic buildings:

  • They’re strong

Geodesic Domes are aerodynamic structures and are extremely strong, offering the largest ratio of weight to volume in any known linear structure. These are the only structures whose strength increases with size.

  • They’re easy to build

To put up a geodesic dome structure is easy as the parts that make up the dome are lightweight and easy to assemble This makes it easy to disassemble the geodesic homes easily too and that also, without the requirement of huge manpower.

  • They’re cost-effective

The reduced labour costs and the materials used in building the geodesic homes make them a cheaper option to build than the conventional structures.

  •  They’re eco-friendly

Geodesic domes are made with components that are manufactured with recyclable material. Also the domes are quite insulated due to the dynamics of air flow and hence use of air-conditioners in them become useless. The domes are also suitable for generating solar energy through panels.